Tim Harrison - most everyone in the band is familiar with Tim.  Tim grew up in our home town and eventually found his way to the west coast.  He became one of Canada's finest singer songwriters and storytellers.  In addition to his very fine guitar skills, vocals and song writing, he's sat in the chair as Artistic Director at some of the best folk festivals Canada has produced.  Visit his site and have a listen...  http://www.timharrison.ca/

Asphalt Cowboys - Yup, not quite as old as most of us, but they're still living the dream - travelling throughout the midwest in a van with a trailer!!  Found these guys in a casino in the Nevada desert a couple of years ago.  They have more fun than a barrel of monkeys - and if you're going to live your life on the road, that's the only way to do it!  Coming to a Gilley's near you, my very good friends, the Asphalt Cowboys... https://www.facebook.com/asphalt.cowboys

The Krueger Band- If you're from our home town, you know Bryan.  If not, you need to move to our place... Bryan is another old friend and I'm pretty sure he's written more tunes than Bob Dylan.  Find Bryan Leckie and his friends, whenever or wherever you can find them...https://www.facebook.com/thekruegerband


Rob Green - What can I say about my old and very good friend Rob.  I never left our home town and now live about a football field away from where he and his family grew up.  Rob has some old roots that we share in Bruce Cockburn, one of our country's real gems.  (You will hear the influence.)  Rob taught drama and theatre arts just outside of Canada's Steel Town, and when he retired, he went to work to finish one of his life long ambitions.  Have a listen to "Soul Dancing", Rob's first full CD release.  He did well on CBC Star Search with this one.  http://www.robgreenmusic.ca/

Yup - even at our age, we have some friends . . . left!     Go ahead and visit them . . .